We bring a wealth of experience developing software products and taking them to market. We love what we do, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve made.





Mike Sager
Co-Founder & CEO
Mike is a senior leader dedicated to founding and growing startups, particularly in travel technology.
Elliot Cousins
Co-Founder & CEO
Elliot has a wealth of experience founding and investing in emerging startups that elevate customer experience.
Erin Pavane
Chief Revenue Officer
Erin focuses on working with people and organisations to solve critical business challenges.
Raquel Cambi
Head of Customer Success EMEA
Raquel is passionate about enhancing decision-making through technologies, data and markets.
Rubi Perez
Head of Customer Success Americas & Caribbean
Rubi is a dedicated and highly resourceful senior sourcing manager specialising in the hospitality industry.
Brian Weck
Chief Technology Officer
Brian is a software engineer that is routinely seen at the whiteboard and deleting code.
Michael Zappia
Product Manager
Michael's a seasoned Product Manager who's all about curating products that deliver a wealth of value. He prides himself on a customer-centric approach and a creative vision that brings ideas to life.
Andrea Hernandez
Customer Success Manager Americas & Caribbean
Andrea is a driven customer success professional with extensive experience implementing smooth customer onboarding and process improvements for business.
Mike Adil
Full Stack Engineer
Mike is a skilled engineer with expertise creating highly interactive and responsive web applications.
Rodrigo Andrade
Full Stack Engineer
Rodrigo has been working on complex software systems from intelligence to global e-commerce for over 20 years.
Massimo Presta
Full Stack Engineer
Massimo is an experienced software engineer skilled in Java, JavaScript, Agile methodologies and databases.
Rithvik Shelke
Software Developer
Rithvik is an accomplished software developer with a flair for solving complex business problems.
Ben Murphy
Account Executive
Ben is a driven account executive with significant experience in mentoring teams and optimising experiences for his customers.
Tiara Dobbs
Product Designer
Tiara is a highly skilled UX product designer with previous experience in research, design and technology across both architecture and engineering.
Lindsay Hirsch
Product Marketer
Lindsay is an accomplished product marketer with deep luxury brand experience and an innate ability to create meaningful brand experiences.
Francesca Zeoli
Customer Success Manager EMEA
Francesca is a skilled professional with substantial experience in project management and customer success. She is passionate about ensuring a smooth customer journey.
Jessica Heizer
Account Executive
Jess is a passionate sales and communications professional with broad experience driving sales to support business goals.
Nick Piva-Giblett
Marketing Manager
Nick is a seasoned marketer with a track record in customer acquisition and retention for B2B SaaS. He has a passion for designing, building, and testing multi-channel strategies that deliver results.
Dafni Schina
Account Executive
Dafni is a passionate account executive with experience in yachting, product training, operations and business development strategy.
Adis Bosnjak
Front End Developer
Adis is an enthusiastic Front End Engineer and football fanatic, who enjoys video editing in his free time.
Ankor Mascot
Banjo enjoys his daily routine of eating 1kg of eucalyptus leaves, sleeping for 20 hours and helping Charter Professionals delight their clients with his Koala-y charisma.